Security Functionalities for Your OpenText eDOCS Solution

Partnering to Protect: Improving eDOCS Security

Josh Wertheim, CEO, Wertheim Global Solutions LLC
Brent Reid, Manager of Development & Support, Wertheim Global Solutions LLC

The Problem with Insider Abuse

If you’re already using eDOCS for your content management, you know how convenient it is to find and access current versions of files and track documents related to specific projects or clients.

You want your team to be able to readily access materials, but what if there’s someone on your team with malicious intentions who suddenly starts to download and share a lot of content from your library? Will you be able to stop them before your company suffers a data breach?

Get Confident About the Safety and Security of Your Documents

If you need more protection for the sensitive documents in your environment, adding new security capabilities to eDOCS can help prevent insider abuse and data leaks by sending alerts or revoking user access immediately if attempts are made to circumvent document security or excessively download, view, export or email documents.

These security capabilities enable you to:

  • Use artificial intelligence to track user activity and monitor activity thresholds in eDOCS.
  • Create custom alerts that are sent automatically via email or text to managers, administrators and/or security personnel if thresholds are exceeded that contain instructions on how to proceed, so there’s no confusion.
  • Block access of users who appear to be attempting to circumvent security of your eDOCS environment, allowing you to investigate and determine if there was purposeful wrongdoing.

Not only can these functionalities help reduce your risk of data breaches and ensure operational security for client confidence and internal departments, they can also help you demonstrate high levels of regulatory compliance.

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The best time to get protected is now – not after a data breach. Guardian for eDOCS adds more security capabilities to your OpenText eDOCS platform, making an already great solution even better.

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