Guardian for Content Server
Guardian for Content Server
Internal Threat Detection with Predictive Analytics

Smarter security beats data leaks to the punch. Protect your company’s sensitive information in OpenText Content Server from insider abuse.

Predictive Analytics

Rather than having to manually set and monitor arbitrary thresholds for each user, Guardian leverages predictive analytics, which reviews user activity on a real-time basis and compares current activity to what’s normal for that user. When certain actions, such as number of downloads, fall outside of norms, Guardian can automatically notify administrators and security personnel, or even temporarily disable account access.

By understanding the patterns and common activity of each user, Guardian more accurately determines what actions are part of an employee’s day-to-day responsibilities, and protects against actions that may be nefarious—effectively stopping data leaks before they start.

Guardian takes the guesswork out of data breach prevention. Now with predictive analytics for tighter control of confidential documents.

Guardian for Content Server provides:

  • Predictive analytics and real-time monitoring to better gauge user activity.
  • Expanded control, alerts and visibility of end-users who exceed thresholds.
  • Remediation to automatically lock system access for potential offenders.

Set Up to Three Thresholds Per Rule

With Guardian you have complete control over when and how you receive alerts with customizable notifications sent to different managers, admins or security professionals, based on your unique requirements.

Here is an example situation showing different thresholds and the automatic actions that could happen as a result.

Organizations that use OpenText rely on Guardian to close the security loop. Now with Guardian , it’s even easier to minimize the damage from phishing attempts, the impact of employee theft and disclosure of sensitive information that could cripple your company.

Guardian Benefits:

  • Reduce security risk risk with tighter activity monitoring to deny abusive access to sensitive information faster.
  • Track user activity and identify attempts to download, export and/or checkout more than their allowed threshold in a given timeframe.
  • Monitor and block access of users attempting to circumvent the implicit or explicit security of the Content Server environment.
  • Notify administrators, department heads, IT personnel and/or security of user activity, and lock out users when they exceed a threshold.
  • Provide reports to management on demand, flagging users who have exceeded any of three threshold quotas.
  • Secure any Content Server environment to ensure users are not accessing too much sensitive information for nefarious reasons.

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