Protection from External Threats is Not Enough

But what about internal users that already have access? What happens when a trusted user becomes a malicious user?

This question came up on a recent thread on the OpenText community message board.

“The odds are if a user is downloading hundreds of documents, that’s probably a red flag,” noted OpenText’s director of eDOCS Global Professional Services, Steven Simpson. “There are always exceptions to every rule but it’s a pretty good indicator of a problem.”

No amount of encryption or authentication will protect you from rogue insiders. But too many customers don’t do enough to address this issue until after damage is done.

So how do you minimize risk without inhibiting user ability to work efficiently?

If you secure everything by default, this might prevent users from getting to information they really need. It also means that you have to add users to security on any object when they need it, adding to security overhead. But none of this protects you from what the user has the rights to access.

The best way to address this type of system breach is to monitor for abnormal user activity with a solution like Guardian.

Available for both OpenText eDOCS and OpenText Content Server, Guardian allows you to set user threshold limits and alerts to protect documents from unauthorized downloading, excessive exporting and other nefarious activities. Guardian sends the administrator an email or text message when a user has reached their allowed threshold and can be set to automatically prevent the user from continuing with any activity until released by an administrator.

OpenText’s Simpson recommended WGSL’s Guardian as a product that directly addresses that issue.

“Guardian is rules based. It can notify an administrator that there is a potential problem occurring, in real time,” posted Simpson. “In addition, it has the ability to disable the account proactively, thus preventing any further data from being compromised.”

To learn more about the Guardian solution, visit Guardian for eDOCS or Guardian for Content Server.

To read the full message thread, log into OpenText’s Connect message board and refer to the eDOCS and Governance/Risk Management 2 thread.

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