Morgan Stanley Data Breech Case Highlights Need for Guardian

The case highlights the need for stronger data security measures in enterprise environments. Galen’s actions could have been prevented with software such as Guardian, which monitors access and prevents excessive or unauthorized downloading.

Galen Marsh allegedly took the information, referred to as “the world’s best cold-calling list,” to advance his career and had no intention of selling it. Some of the data was stolen from him and posted on the Internet. Russian hackers are suspected of stealing the data from Marsh.

According to Bloomberg Technology, the lawyer begged the judge not to send his client to prison. Marsh pleaded guilty in September to transferring confidential data on about 730,000 customer accounts to a private server in his home in Hoboken, New Jersey, from 2011 to 2014. Morgan Stanley has said that account data for about 900 clients was found on an external website. For more on the case visit:

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