Guardian for OpenText; Updates Coming 2019

First, a significant update for Guardian for eDOCS, plus the release and availability of the first version of Guardian for Content Server!

Both the eDOCS and Content Server solutions provide for real-time monitoring of user activities, the reporting on end-users who exceed thresholds for any specific activity (such as downloads) and the ability to lock users out of the system if a threshold is exceeded. Guardian continues to be the best solution for organizations of all types. Minimize the damage from phishing attempts or the impact of employee theft or disclosure of sensitive information managed within your OpenText ecosystem.

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The New Capabilities for Guardian

Among the new capabilities in both versions, Guardian now will send alerts and disable users based upon Predictive Thresholds –  in which it analyzes user activity on a real-time basis and compares that activity to the user’s normal activity. When current actions fall outside of norms, administrators are notified, and accounts can be locked.

The new versions will also provide for Exclusions, where specific Users and/or Groups can be excluded from Rules, most often used when a Discovery Project is underway.

In addition, we are introducing Meta Data Rules, in which rules can now be created around Meta Data columns, such as Matter and Client, allowing for tighter protection for sensitive items.

Customizable email and text messages will also be available. The emails that are sent out via Guardian can now be edited to meet your needs.

Finally, there are now three thresholds per rule, with the ability to send separate emails for each. Previously, Guardian had two thresholds, and the notifications at each threshold went to the same email or text.

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