Is Your Client Data Really Safe?

A recent blog post by OpenText, A Duty to Safeguard Client Content, underscores the ethical reasons and regulatory requirements that come into play. Author Sharon Malloch states, “The impact of a breach can be significant. And not just for the clients—whose loss of personal information can make them vulnerable to financial loss—but also for the organizations who have failed to safeguard that information.”

OpenText’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, eDOCS, makes it possible and easier to secure content from external hackers, but what about internal threats?

Much attention is given to external breaches, but the reality is about 50 percent of all security incidents are caused by people inside an organization, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report. While some cases may be attributed to negligence, there is still a great danger for malicious activity by internal sources.

Fortunately, WGSL’s Guardian for OpenText eDOCS and OpenText Content Server provide simple and secure solutions to protect client content from unauthorized downloading, excessive exporting and nefarious activities. Guardian makes it easy to set user thresholds, monitor activity, and automatically block access in order to ensure internal users are not exposing an organization to security threats and embarrassing data breaches.

Learn more about Guardian here.

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