Proactive Protection for OpenText eDOCS

AI-powered Predictive Analytics are the “eyes and ears” of proactive protection.

Give eDOCS users peace-of-mind with proactive protection against insider threats, phishing attacks and data leaks. Register for the webinar to see how predictive analytics safeguard the sensitive information that companies can’t afford to compromise.

Proactive Protection for OpenText eDOCS Live Demo of New Features

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Time: 12:00 ET
Josh Wertheim, CEO
Brent Reid, Manager of Development and Support

Get a live look at Guardian 2020’s latest security advancements:

  • Predictive analytics and real-time monitoring to tightly gauge user activity.
  • Increased control, alerts and visibility of improper downloading and exporting.
  • Preventative action to automatically lock access for potential offenders.
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