Overcoming Lookup Security Limitations in eDOCS Version 16

However, while having Lookup Security to assign permissions to lookup tables is certainly a must-have, enabling Lookup Security after the upgrade has been implemented has proven to be a difficult and time-consuming process for DM administrators and integrators.


Pitfalls of Enabling Lookup Security

If done incorrectly, enabling Lookup Security in eDOCS can result in users being unable to do anything in your system, including searching or saving documents. That’s because when Lookup Security is enabled, the system by default denies users access to any lookup data. The administrator must add every user or group to the list of those allowed to access each lookup item in every lookup table, even those tables where Lookup Security is not required. Sounds complicated, right? We think so too.

If you’re hesitant to move forward, the WincPak product suite is the handy tool to simplify Lookup Security so you can easily cope with enabling and maintaining it throughout eDOCS. WincPak is undoubtedly an incredibly handy add-on which will save you time and effort.

Simply put, no eDOCS upgrade is complete without it.


What is WincPak?

WincPak is a product set of five modules that add hundreds of features to eDOCS, including administration support, enhanced security, as well as metadata, Active Directory and document synchronization. Three of the WincPak modules address the Lookup Security deficiency in eDOCS, but all of the modules offer a lot more on top of that.


WincTools can be used to initialize the list of users and groups allowed to access every lookup table, then enables Lookup Security on these tables, eliminating the risk of denying users access and the manual work involved in enabling access to each table by user or group. WincTools also improves productivity by adding an additional 120+ administrative and management tools to eDOCS that automate tasks to maintain your system and generate useful reports.

WincWall maintains your list of users and groups by denying lookup data access to those inside an ethical wall. WincWall is a must-have for any industry needing to demonstrate regulatory compliance and gain client confidence. Rather than needing to rely on training or the knowledge of individual users, WincWall improves the safety of your documents by automatically applying eDOCS security based on a centralized rule set.

WincSync synchronizes the list of users and groups who are allowed or denied access to a lookup value across all libraries throughout your organization. It’s critical to keep DM libraries current and consistent, not just regarding Lookup Security but with each aspect of your ecosystem. WincSync ensures that a validation item on a master library is automatically available in every library, reducing the need to perform manual administrative tasks and ensuring access to a consistent working methodology, regardless of location.

Also included are WincArchive and DMSSync. WincArchive enables a simpler disaster recovery solution and improves collaboration by copying, moving or synchronizing documents and metadata between libraries. DMSSync synchronizes network users and groups to your eDOCS environment.


Is the Latest Version of eDOCS Enough for Your Company?

If eDOCS version 16 hasn’t proven to be enough for your organization, or you’re hesitant to upgrade because of limitations in the availability of management and support tools, now is the time to add WincPak to your eDOCS solution. Not only does WincPak address the deficiencies in Lookup Security, it also adds hundreds of features, tools and functions to your solution making it easier to use, more reliable and more robust.

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