February & March 2023 Newsletter
Welcome to the February/March 2023 edition of our Wertheim Global Solutions monthly newsletter! In this edition we will be reviewing the latest document and data breaches (including a document leak at Eliminalia), as well as spotlighting one of our popular enhancement solutions for OpenText eDOCS, WincSync.
Solution Spotlight- WincSync for eDOCS
Do you have an installation of eDOCS with more than one library? If you do, you need WincSync, because WincSync automatically synchronizes the content of metadata across all of your libraries. Metadata includes People, Groups, DocTypes, Apps, Network Aliases, Group Memberships, Forms, Clients, Matters, custom tables and custom columns in any metadata table.
Regardless of the complexity of your implementation, WincSync can handle it. Installation takes minutes, configuration is a snap, and it’s ready to go! WincSync uses the eDOCS data dictionaries in each library to identify the tables and columns to synchronize.
Synchronizing metadata is crucial for cross-library access and for enterprise searches. Maintaining the synchronization without WincSync is practically impossible. Make your life easier today by getting yourself a copy of WincSync.
Click here for the WincSync Datasheet

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Webinar: A Guide to Data Loss Prevention with Guardian for Content Suite:
Wertheim Global Solutions, LLC and Stratesys will be conducting a joint webinar featuring our best-of-breed security solution for Content Server.
When: May 30th, 2023 10:00 Am EST 
Duration of webinar: 60 minutes
Save the date! More information will be included in our April Newsletter.

News Highlight

Eliminalia, a Spanish company claiming to help individuals and companies improve their online reputation. suffered a massive leak of over 50,000 documents, allegedly revealing their collaboration with criminals and corrupt individuals in which they washed negative content from the web and planted false-positive content with the aim of improving their clients’ reputations. According to sources, the documents were leaked by a former employee of Eliminalia, who became disgruntled with the company’s practices. The employee reportedly took the documents with them when they left the company and later shared them with the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), who then conducted an investigation in collaboration with media organizations in several countries, including Spain, Italy, and the United States.

The leaked documents consist of thousands of pages of internal company communications, client lists, contracts, and invoices, reportedly detailing Eliminalia’s unethical practices of using fake court orders, hacking, and other nefarious methods to achieve their ends. The documents further reveal clients with links to organized crime, as well as ties to money laundering and drug trafficking. The leak sparked a criminal investigation into Eliminalia’s activities by Spanish authorities, who have since raided the company’s offices and arrested several individuals. Calls for greater regulation of the industry grow amidst concerns over the role of reputation management companies and their potential for abuse.

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