December 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2022 edition of our Wertheim Global Solutions monthly newsletter! We hope that you are enjoying this holiday season and that you have a happy and healthy and safe new year.

As we approach 2023, we will be expanding our relationships with OpenText Content Server and eDOCS SolEx partners throughout the world. These partners will provide direct sales, implementation and support for our Guardian security solution for Content Server and eDOCS, with more EIM solutions planned for Guardian later in 2023. If you work with an OpenText SolEx partner, we suggest you contact them for more information on our Guardian offering, and if you do not, contact us and we will be happy to refer you to one of our Guardian certified partners that specialize in your industry.

In this newsletter we are introducing our Solution Spotlight, where each month we will be highlighting one of our many tools for Content Server and eDOCS. This month we are spotlighting the WincTools for eDOCS administrative toolkit, a set of over 120 necessary functions packaged into a single, easy-to-use interface. If you are an eDOCS user, WincTools is an indispensable solution for supporting your infrastructure and your end-users. Just ask any of our clients!

Solution Spotlight – WincTools for eDOCS

WincTools is the ultimate set of administrative tools for OpenText eDOCS™. Combining over 120 individual utilities into a single, easy-to-use program console, WincTools provides mostly everything needed to support any OpenText eDOCS environment.

The WincTools Suite provides OpenText eDOCS administrators with the critical tools needed to support and maintain their systems, regardless of the size, number of locations, and complexity of the installation.

The WincTools Suite is ideal for organizations looking to reduce effort and manual oversight, increase the productivity of their support staff, and improve overall end-user satisfaction.

Click here to read more information on WincTools

How to become a document thief

This article is being repeated from a prior newsletter, because we think it is that important. Think its difficult for your end users to become your next worst nightmare? Read this article from ProofPoint. The title speaks for itself:

10 ways users steal company data and how to stop them 

Recent Document Leaks in the news

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