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Guardian for eDOCS and Content Server

This webinar is open to the entire OpenText and Wertheim communities.

Your organization needs to protect its sensitive documents from unauthorized or excessive downloading, emailing, exporting, viewing, etc. in order to reduce your risk of potential hacks. Guardian provides the enhanced security features necessary to stop breaches in their tracks.

Insider abuse is a concern for many organizations, especially considering the cost of data leaks. Should an employee, contractor or phisher try and circumvent security, access restricted documents or excessively download sensitive files, you’ll want to know immediately, before things gets out of control.

Guardian can add critical functionalities to your OpenText investment, making a great solution even better:

  • Get customizable alerts when a user activity threshold is exceeded;
  • Automatically prevent continued access when necessary;
  • Demonstrate compliance to stakeholders, clients and regulators.



Administration Tools for eDOCS

Date: Wednesday, July 18th 2018

Time: 1:30 EST


Josh Wertheim, CEO, Wertheim Global  Solutions LLC

Brent Reid, Manager of Development & Support, Wertheim Global Solutions LLC


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